Convergent pricing in triple-play operators

Few levers have as much power to influence profitability as pricing does. For a typical 3P and 4P operator, a 1 percent increase in price boosts profits by two to three times as much as a 1 percent increase in sales volume. With this assumption in mind, operators should develop a convergent pricing approach to  improve both their pricing strategy and the ability to manage pricing over the long term.

I had the opportunity to work on this topic for several times, helping telecom operators tap their full pricing potential. A rapid diagnostic analysis allows operators to quickly identify the largest pricing opportunities and tailor an approach to go after them successfully. Our approach has helped clients gain market share, enhance their product positioning, and grow their bottom line, significantly improving EBITDA and ARPU by understanding and correcting their currentpricing strategy.

Feel free to download our point of view: mmc-group_3p4pconvergent-pricing_mar20071

Best. CVA

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