You stole this slide from my team, right?

I was recently in Germany having a meeting with a well-known triple-play operator asking for our experience in the mobile (and fixed) broadband market. We had an insightful meeting where, not only we agreed on the mobile broadband approach, but also gave us the opportunity to understand how can a mature market suffer non-minor difficulties.

Just a briefing on the broadband market in Germany: 1) Voice has migrated massively onto mobile handsets and this will continue in an extremely aggressive environment 2) Mobile broadband is ready for prime time and maybe the only biz line to mantain arpu levels: 3G/HSPA networks and handsets are available; rich services are being launched, flat rate pricing is wide spread 3) 29.3 million broadband connections to be expected for 2015, meaning a 7% CAGR for the next 7 years considering we are slightly above the 20 million lines 4) A target of 50% mobile broadband penetration by 2012 in Europe is feasible; 2,6% revenue CAGR 2007-2012 for mobile operators is expected

So, with such a nice perspective in front of us the client was asking how did we see the future for them. Our answer can be read in the kicker if the previous slide. The challenge relies on how to transform this incremental demand growth into real revenue growth for the operator. And, in your opinion, how should we face this challenge? – they asked. The answer to that question was explained with the next slide:

The reaction to this slide has given the title to this post: “Hey, you stole this slide from my team, right?” which basically was a way to transmit their full alignment with our positioning. I came out of the meeting with the satisfaction of knowing that my client was perceiving real value of our experience. This recognition is the first step to stablish a solid commercial relationship between clients and consultants. Consider it if you ever try to sell a project to a new client.

Best. CVA

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