Multimedia Mobile Content Distribution value chain

The migration and distribution of multimedia web content to mobile devices has only just scratched the surface. There is expected to be an explosive growth in mobile content in the next 5 to 10 years. Revolutionary audio and video rich mobile devices capable of accessing multiple mobile and wireless networks concurrently will shape the future of mobile content distribution technologies. Combining this with people’s willingness to communicate anytime, anywhere will redefine key assumptions that govern the delivery of content into the mobile world.

Content distribution value chain

Content distribution value chain

Traditionally mobile content has always been fed from the content distributor or publisher to the end-user. However, the rising popularity of user-generated content, which in turn is being driven by trends like mobile social networking, citizen journalism and the ubiquitous presence of camera phones, is leading to mobile content being shared between end-users. Currently the sharing of mobile content is done using a client-server based architecture, which is not the most efficient way of sharing content.

The key value addition that will enable effective and efficient mobile content distribution will stem from the re-engineering of the mobile content network architecture itself. This refers to the emergence of distributed peer to peer architectures replacing the current client server based architectures.

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