Key questions in market share revamping

We have a challenging assignment for fall. One of our clients is requiring support to increase it’s market share in a saturated market where there are two big mobile operations and our client occupies the 2nd position willing, at least, to double it’s current rate in the shortest time possible. With this objective in mind, we have suggested to conduct a “Market Share Revamping Plan” which approach can be seen in the next slide:

The objective of this project will be to assess current market share strategy, analyzing in detail those commercial areas affecting market share, that is, acquisition and customer retention. In order to identify all possible gaps across current market share strategy, the assessment should consider an exogenous analysis considering our client’s market positioning and competitive landscape, and an endogenous analysis considering all the commercial areas affecting market share performance.

Regarding the external review, the following topics should be revised:
1.    Competitors value proposition (in terms of service offering and pricing strategy) and comparison with our client’s (mainly mobile; fixed & broadband will not be revised).
2.    Ccompetitors sales & distribution analysis and commission structure review
3.    International benchmark and comparable markets analysis

Key questions to be answered in this external review are:
–    Is our client’s current value proposition competitive enough to match competitors’s? Is it feasible to think that we can steal valuable clients from the competitors?
–    Which are the pricing trends in the market? Are we aligned with them?
–    What strategy are our competitors currently following towards acquisition? Is possible to combat it through sales efficiency and aggressive sales (direct & indirect) strategies in order to increase our Market Share?

Regarding the internal strategy review, there are 2 different groups to consider:
A.    Proactive areas: those areas that contribute proactively to acquisition such as pricing, sales, and service offering (value proposition).
B.    Reactive areas: those areas contributing to customer retention such as churn management and customer care.

Key questions to be answered in this internal review are:
–    Is price the driver to stimulate acquisition? How sensible is this market to price?
–    Is our client’s current service offering good enough to get clients from the competitor? What is our main differentiation factor as of today? And for the next 12 months?
–    How aggressive / interesting for the channel is our current sales strategy? Are there any pitfalls / gaps to be addressed in the short term to increase Market Share?
–    How should we leverage on the retail outlets operated by our current distribution channel? Is there any way to maximize acquisition?
–    Do we have a customer centric approach? How do we currently measure valuable clients and how can we target competitor’s ones?
–    How are we retaining customers? Are our operational processes aligned with our retention strategy?

Based in our experience in this type of assignments, we should not be challenged by another similar engagement. However, the type & complexity of the market, the combat-the-incumbent approach and the end-to-end approach touching most of all the commercial areas, make this a really interesting project.

Will keep you posted. Best regards


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