Planning to reduce costs by 20%? Learn how.

One of our consultants, Teja Rangi, has recently updated our “Telecom efficiency improvement framework” for telecom operators. I wanted to share an extract of it with you as I think this type of tools and methodologies are critical to survive through these tough times, where process inefficiencies contribute significantly to value erosion and high costs.

Using specially designed tools based on the legendary Six Sigma methodology, mmC GROUP has developed a proven program that prepares telecom operators to measure, analyze and improve work processes across the organization, leveraging the relevant ‘human factors’ to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Having deployed these methodologies and tools in different operators, we have identified and achieved powerful operational improvements that produce sustainable business benefits. Our efficiency improvement unit of consultants is specifically focused in helping traditional telecommunications providers and wireless phone firms to become more efficient in their operating procedures.

By learning and implementing improvements our clients have been able to dramatically improve the way they do business thus attracting and keeping customers in this hyper-competitive industry and in these down-turn times, where efficiency improvements may yield up to 20% cost savings of annual turnover. Common uses? Infinite. Let me show some in which we have been working on:

  1. Improvement in sales channels & distribution network efficiency
  2. Improvement in product and value proposition performance
  3. Maximization of customer experience in customer care departments
  4. Call center BPO – voice (in bound / out bound)
  5. Improvement of network quality and maximization of network capacity
  6. Streamline cost of network deployment and upgrade – EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
  7. Improvement in Data Quality communication between OpCos and Corporation
  8. Etc, etc, etc

Interested? Take a look at the following teaser. Nice reading. Best, CVA & TRA

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