Open letter to telecom bloggers – guest post wanted!

Yes, you heard right. Guest posts wanted! Here’s your chance to post in Consultant Value Added.

Interested in writing for Here at mmC Group, we have decide to open our blog to talented writers who can share their knowledge on any topic related to telecom and consulting in general. The amazing success of the blog has driven us to open our platform to invitees with good telecom knowledge, experiences and stories worth to tell to the telecom community. This idea, that came from different telecom executives and blog readers who thought that writing in CVA will providing even more value to our clients, has now been implemented. Wether you are a consultant willing to share methods and credentials, or a telecom executive willing to share successful campaigns you now have a new tool to use.

Although there is no restriction on the telecom (or TMT) topics that you can write on, we will be very excited if you have tips or credentials to share on any interesting telecom-related topic.

Why guest post for ConsultantValueAdded?

  1. ConsultantValueAdded is the leading blog in its category (consulting in telecom) with thousands of readers every week. You can quickly establish your credibility by targeting our readers.
  2. You will get a link to your blog and Twitter profile, providing you with a huge traffic and recognition in the telecom blogosphere.
  3. Your article will remain on the home page at least for a week (possibly more) getting huge exposure. I will also share the article through other social networking media for enhanced exposure.
  4. Your article will increase CVA’s content and knowledge base, a repository written collaboratively by anonymous telecom volunteers who write without pay just for the sake of continually create and update the telecom society in new, outstanding and state-of-the-art telecom topics.

What are we looking for?

If you have read a few articles on this website, you should already have a feel of what we are looking for. If you haven’t already, we will strongly encourage you to familiarize with the topics and the writing style before submitting anything. Here are a few things that are a absolute must:

  1. Original content – Please do not submit anything published elsewhere or a modified version of such article.
  2. Please provide supporting slides. Remember, an image is worth 1000 words.
  3. A decent sized post – Although I hate to give a word limit, I will be hesitant to accept anything less than 150 words (unless it is earth shattering).
  4. Provide supporting evidence, wherever possible.

The requirement is simple – Write what you would like to read.

What are we NOT looking for?

  1. Self promotional articles
  2. Articles containing affiliate links
  3. False claims
  4. Inappropriate / abusive language
  5. Defamatory content
  6. NSFW content
  7. Copyrighted content

Ready to blog?

So, if you are ready to blog for ConsultantValueAdded, contact me with the details, including the topic that you want to write about. Provide samples of your writing (if available). If you have any specific requirements, we can work that out. Let’s blog!


Update 03/11/2010 – Guest bloggers list:

1. Pareekh Jain –
2. Richard Alden –
3. Diego Fernandez –

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