Highlights of the Mobile Year in Review 2010

Reading @jmalvpal‘s twitter, I find an interesting video that I’d like to share with you. It’s related to the main highlights of the mobile industry in 2010. It’s pretty amazing to see some of the facts and data revealed in the video. What it makes it clear is that the mobile industry is under a constant evolution and so are the mobile trends. Here are some facts:
Massive increase in apps downloaded

  • FIVE BILLION apps downloaded — up from 300 million in 2009

Whopping expansion of location-based services

  • FIVE MILLION Foursquare users — up from 200,000 users in 2009

Surge in mobile social media platforms

  • 347 PERCENT growth in Twitter mobile usage
  • 200 MILLION mobile Facebook Users
  • 100 MILLION YouTube videos played on mobile devices everyday

Ongoing explosion in data traffic

  • 3,000 PERCENT growth in one carrier’s data traffic since 2008
  • 3,339: average number of texts sent per month by US teens.

Unprecedented competition and choice

  • 96 PERCENT of mobile users can choose from 3 or more providers
  • 92 PERCENT of mobile users are satisfied with their provider
  • 4 CENTS: average voice rate per minute in the US
  • 77 MILLION: number of smartphones shipped in the fall of 2010.

Interesting right? Now take a look at the video:

What about the future? Who knows… but you can read our previous post related to expected trends for 2011, year that will keep on driving the growth of social platforms, connected devices and apps. This growing adoption will be fueled by “bandwidth schizophrenia” among telecom operators that facilitate anytime/ anywhere BB connectivity and better user experience. Boundaries will be reshaped again, with giants such as Google, Facebook or Apple trying to grow across the value chain through but focusing mainly on social, mobile and advertising and last but not least, 2011 will see the takeover of connected TVs and cloud services. Exciting right? I love this industry.

Good reading, flying to LatAm. CVA

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