Reprogrammable SIM – technology, evolution & implications

My friend Emil sends me a good research on the future development of the SIM modules, published by Ofcom this week.

This research paper talks in detail about the possible application of re-programmable SIM modules in M2M environment. It also elaborates a bit on the potential application of “soft” SIMs in voice communication, namely reduced operator costs, associated with SIM manufacturing and distribution, and mobile number portability.

Whilst there are apparent cost savings for the MNOs from introducing “soft” SIMs, they might not be so interested in reducing the switching cost (in terms of time and effort) for the consumers. Hence we may expect to see the “soft” SIMs deployed faster in the M2M environment, but not anytime soon in the consumer space.

As mobile operators face the danger of their voice service being taken away from them by the OTT players, the emergence of a soft SIM in the value chain may be the double whammy that will change the telco business forever.

An iPhone with a plan from Apple store, or GooglePlay, or even Skype, may become reality sooner than most telcos expect.

Enjoy the reading!

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