#TMTDidYouKnow – On average the entrance of a 4th mobile player generates an 11% market ARPU drop over the course of 3 quarters

When looking at 7 recent (2007-2012) cases in 7 different markets worldwide, on average, the entrance of a 4th mobile player has generated a 39% market ARPU drop over a 2 years period. On a 3 quarters period (Q-1/Q0/Q+1), this impact is of 11% on average. While in some markets the ARPU drop due to the 4th entrant was “anticipated” by the other telcos (France,  Kenya, Kazakhstan), in other markets the ARPU clearly dropped in the quarter following the 4th entrant launch (SA, Niger, Congo, Albania).


Source: Delta Partners Intelligence Unit, GSMA Intelligence

More info in Delta Partners’ blog: deltapartnersblog.com

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