The Enterprise Cloud opportunity for telcos by @Delta_Partners

Mobile operators are still enjoying top-line growth largely driven by mobile data, though growth momentum has slowed notably in certain markets. As a result, telecom operators are increasingly tapping into new revenue streams, with the IT market representing an attractive opportunity given its large size and growth momentum.

Within the IT market, enterprise cloud represents a unique opportunity for telecom operators. Both telecom and cloud IT businesses employ a highly-centralised delivery model, which relies on scalable core infrastructure and wide-reaching networks to operate. Since operators typically excel in such asset-heavy and centralised delivery businesses, they are well positioned to compete in the cloud space, as compared to other premise-based IT markets.











In this white paper we explore:

  • The enterprise cloud opportunity for telecom operators
  • The key challenges in an operator‘s cloud journey
  • The key success factors that an operator needs to consider for a successful cloud launch

To read the entire article, please download the PDF here.

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